Thankful Thursday- Blog Weekly Challenge

Well, it’s late on Thursday evening, and it’s been another hectic day in a string of hectic days, but I’m dedicating some time to express gratitude for someone who has been an unexpectedly found treasure in my life. Her name is Yvette Prior, and she’s the biggest reason this blog exists! About two and a half years ago, I began teaching adult yoga classes at American Family Fitness in the Richmond, VA area (more background on how that all began- soon to come!) and I met Yvette when she began to attend my Sunday afternoon classes. She and a few other students became my regular attendees, but Yvette sure does know how to make a class instructor feel appreciated- she is known to bring goody bags to each class as a gift from her oh-so-gracious heart, usually including yummy granola bars, fruit, and bottled water, and perhaps a few tea bags or Vitamin C drops tossed in for good measure.

After getting to know Yvette better and better over the months, we have been able to cultivate a very nurturing (at least I know it is for me!) friendship, and often text chat across the day when we are feeling particularly conversational and have the time to do it. She has become my trusted confidante and has been nothing but supportive and encouraging source of inspiration to me, and today I wanted to take the opportunity to express my sincere gratitude for her through the Thankful Thursday weekly blog challenge I discovered through her very intriguing blog, which you can check out here:

Yvette Prior’s Blog- Priorhouse

One of the most recent themes which has emerged in my life is the reoccurring instances of women supporting women. I’ve been noticing more and more that the women I surround myself with are like-minded, independent, entrepreneurial types who are not only working to make their own dreams a reality, but are also lifting others up on the way. Yvette has been one of the first women I’ve had to truly reinforce in me the self-confidence and relentless belief that I can and will accomplish the goals I have set for myself for my career growth and personal success. She asked me a couple of months ago if she could interview me about my yoga teaching experience and I was greatly honored and humbled to participate. It was a definite first for me, as I have never been one to enjoy the spotlight but have grown (slightly) more comfortable embracing my own vulnerability to share parts of myself that others seem to want to know about. It was a perfect opportunity for me to express who I am as a yoga instructor and what I aspire to do through my work serving others. This interview gave me a launch point to leap from, as I embrace writing and blogging to continue to grow and evolve my business. You can read the full blog post and interview here: Jennie Choi- Priorhouse Interview

I would love to know what you are feeling grateful for this Thankful Thursday! Please take some time to write it down and share with me as a comment below 🙂

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